Most of us want to be healthy, slim, and fit without much effort these days. We work the whole day and then we just want to chill afterward or we have very little time for our hobbies, and we do not want to “waste” that precious free time in the gym sweating. But don’t worry, there are still ways to get in shape fast, and we will share the tips and tricks with you today!


Not only that water is crucial for our health, and we do not drink enough water. Do you know how many people have headaches during the day, because they do not drink enough of it during the day? Anyway, let’s go back to weight loss. Try to drink one or maybe even two glasses of water 20-40 minutes before your big meal, it will speed up your metabolism, and you will eat less food.

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Take your time

But don’t confuse it with watching your phone for 30 minutes while eating. Put away your phone and enjoy your meal. Just eat your meal without any distractions, yes not even TV. Slowly eat your food and chew properly. It might sound dumb, but if you eat slowly and chew properly, more enzymes will be released, and you will digest the food better, you will feel fuller faster, and at the end of the day, you will eat less food, aka you will consume fewer calories.

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Smaller portions

Stop using bowls, use a plate, or even a smaller plate. By doing this, your portions will be automatically smaller. Also, it might benefit you to use a smaller spoon, which will help you eat the food longer.


This is area, that is underestimated by all of us. But proper long sleep will improve your metabolism, and during sleep, you will burn more calories. This should make you happy; spending more time in bed will help you reach your desired body faster!

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